Calcom Tutorial – Best Way To Integrate Calcom With WordPress?

Integrating with WordPress can be beneficial for managing events, appointments, and schedules directly from your website. Here’s how you can integrat with Calcom WordPress:

Embedding Calcom Calendar

Best Calcom Method so far!

Similar to embedding other content, you can embed your calendar directly into your WordPress site. Here’s how:

  • In your WordPress dashboard, create or edit a page or post where you want to embed the calendar.
  • Click on the Plus (+) icon in the top left corner of the editor to add a new block.
  • Then, search for the “Custom HTML” block in the search bar and simply add it to your content.

HTML block for Calcom

  • Go to Dashboard and select your event you want, then click Insert button.

Calcom insert code

  • Choose what ever you want, in my case i choose the first one.

Calcom dashboard

  • You can costumize it like changing color, theme, etc. Then copy the code.

calcom HTML code

  • Paste the code you copied from in HTML block.

calcom code in your website

  • Publish or update your page or post.

calcom demo wordpress website

WordPress Plugins

Search for WordPress plugins that facilitate integration with These plugins might offer features like syncing events between and your WordPress site, displaying calendars in various formats, or providing a booking interface for appointments managed through Calcom (But i dont know if it is official plugin from or not).

  • Go to the WordPress pluginn and search for “” plugin.

calcom plugin

  • Install and activate a plugin that fits your requirements.
  • Follow the plugin’s documentation or settings to integrate with your WordPress site.
  • Configure the plugin to sync events, manage calendars, or display schedules as needed.

calcom documentation

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